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It all started with a love story between Joanie and François. A beautiful meeting of two souls vibrating in the same energy. We have united our passions and our selves to create a magnificent company promoting the well-being and overall health of people. Joanie, with her entrepreneurial side and her desire to help people, and François who has a big heart filled with unconditional love and a passion for teaching, embarked on the adventure of a holistic business, with a mission , to help people find a body-heart-soul-mind balance. It is now with joy that they help people together through body-mind training, meditation, energy healing and various workshops in the Art of Conscious Movement.

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François Thibault

François Thibault is a certified personal trainer and coach in global health, formerly a college football athlete, he has developed his holistic approach which takes into account all the dimensions of being. For Francis, the balance of the physical body must also take into account the emotional, mental and spiritual plan. It therefore offers meditations, Japanese yoga and workshops like The Art of Conscious Movement, drawing inspiration from different approaches such as martial arts, yoga and somatic education. Finally, François's mission is to offer simple and concrete tools and routines in order to focus and harmonize the body and mind of people in search of well-being.

Joanie Lafrenière

Kinesiologist, trainer and registered massage therapist with extensive knowledge in fitness and physical activities. Formerly a Latin dance teacher and sports activities coordinator, she now devotes all her time to growing Kinervie and taking care of her two wonderful children. She offers therapeutic massages, relaxation and energy treatments in addition to offering Yoga classes adapted for people with chronic pain, Joanie is passionate and sees her work as sharing and does it with love and happiness.